Stop Violence Against Iraqi Women .. Let Us Work Together for Justice, Equality and the Right to Life

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التاريخ: 03-01-2008

APPEALStop Violence Against Iraqi Women .. Let Us Work Together for Justice, Equalityand the Right to Life 
Despite the relative improvement in the security situation, our Iraqi people continue to live in an atmosphere of general chaos that is unprecedented for Iraq or other countries. Perhaps the most important manifestation of this chaos is the lawlessness, unbridled terrorism, insecurity and the spread of organized crime. This situation has claimed the lives of more than fifty women during the second half of this year, with the murders being carried out by extremist and reactionary forces and criminal gangs, under various social, religious and political motives and pretexts.Iraqi women, who are subjected to various forms of discrimination, oppression and exploitation, and who face violence on a daily basis and through various means, are today facing mass killings because of the widespread terrorism targeting them. Most heinous murders are committed against them, in broad daylight with impunity. The killings of women in the city of Basra are but a terrible proof of the barbarism of their perpetrators and those who stand behind them. Despite the condemnation of these crimes, the government and the relevant authorities have not taken the necessary measures against these crimes, to put an end to them and punish their perpetrators.We, in Iraqi Women s League, strongly condemn the crimes of killing women in Basra and other Iraqi towns, and denounce all forms of violations of human rights in Iraq, and call upon international organizations, the Iraqi Government and relevant authorities to:1 - Send an international fact-finding mission to Iraq, to be organized by the UN High Commission for Human Rights with the participation of international human rights organizations, to investigate the crimes against women, help the Iraqi authorities to identify the perpetrators and work to stop these crimes. 2 - Reveal the criminals and those who stand behind them, and bring them to justice. 3 - Disclose the outcome of the investigations. 4 - Take measures to safeguard personal freedoms that are constitutionally guaranteed. 5 - Take deterrent measures to ensure the safety of citizens and protect their lives.6 - Act firmly to improve the conditions of women and facilitate their involvement in the reconstruction process.Iraqi Women s League / Co-ordinating Committee Abroad3-1-2008 
To sign the Arabic related campaign , please clickليتوقف العنف ضد المرأة العراقية ..ولنعمل معاً من اجل العدالة والمساواة وحق الحياة

Iraqi Womens League

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18-07-2012 Aymen Nederland Rij instructeur regio Haarlemmermeer Dit moet duidelijk zijn. Vrouwen moeten vrij zijn. Niet allen in Irak, maar overall in de wereld. على المرأة أن تكون حرة في العالم والعربي تحديدا وليس في العراق حصرا... عليها أن تختار كيف تفكر أولا لتعرف أين هي حريتها ولتمكن شخصيتها التي من المغروض ان تصبح غير متبوعه برجل تبحث عنه ليصبح رادار حياتها ...
26-10-2011 Ibrahim Aldayri United Arab Emirates Sales Maneger
17-06-2011 Elizabeth Lakew USA Silver Chips Journalist, feminist, President of MBHS Young Democrats Association and Womens Advocacy Group This injustice has gone on for too long. And this needs to stop, its NOW or NEVER!
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24-01-2011 Saif Ataya U.S.A Professor-Researcher
04-01-2011 Dr. Osama Al-Zand Canada Professor (Retired)
28-12-2010 Jawdet Albadri Canada General Physician
11-08-2010 Deborah Van Allen United States Library Technician at a University To stop violence against women one must start educating the new and young generations. Teaching young sons and daughters how to behave with respect to each other as people, with respect to all individuals, must come from the parents, just as now the parents are the ones who are instilling old fashioned beliefs of women as property, and using violence and fear to enforce that belief.

This campaign has a fine title. But shouldnt it be the -Right to Live- instead of -Right to Life-? The Iraqi women have a -life- a life filled with oldfashioned and outmoded customs. They need the -Right to Live-! To make choices and not worry that a father or brother or uncle will step in and harrass, hurt them.
17-01-2010 Muhsin Maximus Razeen UK Confidential Lets get womens rights moving and not discriminate as everyone should be trated equaally and fairly.
26-12-2009 zanijar netherlands student stop chaos in iraq!
not just military action needed, but a government ruling through truth from the constitutional bill of rights, which is universal. good healthcare, water and food arrangements, electricity and education. like we really had before,and no more america needed in our country also responsible for opening the iraqi borders.
01-12-2009 Dr. Ali Abdul Wahab Al-Dabbagh Iraq Director General of a major Omani Company Violence against women reflects a psychological complex of either -inferiority- or -frestiration- of a sick man who has lost his humanity completely and became a worthless beast. Thats why -legistlation- should be the social responsibility of us all to protect the whole society, and launch the Iraqi march for development and civilization.
16-11-2009 Charles J Graty NZ Counsellor, Facilitator stopping violence courses Violence is not OK
05-11-2009 Widad Zaki Cardiff teacher Under any circumstances, I do condemn any unjust violence against all Iraqi women.
07-09-2009 Deborah Rolston New Zealand Lecturer
03-09-2009 adnan al_emad Yemen lawyer-writer stop violation against female and children.
15-08-2009 B.Abdulla united kingdom Architect The violance still exist in Kurdustan especially and Iraq generaly, because people copying their leaders,what they see outside they practice it at home.

07-08-2009 Cheryl Australia Policy Analyst These sadistic people must not be allowed to hide behind their religion, sect or politics all perpetrators must and should be held accountable. There is no justification for anyone to commit or condone violence against women under any circumstance.
03-07-2009 Nadia Hindi spain student


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