Campaign of Solidarity with the Damascus Declaration Detainees and all Prisoners of Conscience in Syria

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التاريخ: 29-12-2007

Campaign of Solidarity with the Damascus Declaration Detainees and all Prisoners of Conscience in Syria
On December 1, in a daring and unprecedented move of courage, 163 Syrian citizen, men and women, members of the National Council of the Damascus Declaration for Democratic Change, were able to meet and hold their Conference. For more than 12 hours, the meeting debated, modified and approved, several political and organizational document; then concluded by electing a 17-member leadership, representing almost all the national democratic currents, as well as the liberal, Islamist or independent currents in Syria. This event constituted a major step ahead in the form and content of the demcratic non-violent opposition to the despotic regime of Bashar al-Assad, largely seen as the most significant political and civil society action since the short-lived Damascus Spring, in 2001.Consequently, on December 9, the State Security apparatus arrested over 30 of those who attended the Conference, released some of them after 24 to 48-hour interrogations, and kept in detention two members of the newly elected leadership, Dr. Ahmad Tohme and Jabr al-Shoufi. The second wave of detention began on December 11, when Akram al-Bunni, Fidaa al-Hourani (Chairwoman of the Council), `Ali al-Abdallah, Walid al Bunni, and Dr. Yasser al-Eiti were arrested.As we strongly condemn these arrests, and indeed the whole oppressive policies of the Assad regime, we call for the immediate and unconditional release of the Damascus Declaration detainees, and all prisoners of conscience in Syria (namely, in particular: Professor Arif Dalila, Anwar al-Bunni, Michel Kilo, Kamal Labouani, and Faiq al-Mir). We also call upon international Human Rights organizations, the United Nations, the European Union, and all freedom defenders in the world, to react to this new blatant breach of democratic principles in general, and to Syria s own Constitution (Article 26, which guarantees the right of participation in political life, and Articles 38 and 39, which guarantee freedom of expression and assembly).  
To sign the  Arabic related  campaign , please clickحملة التضامن مع معتقلي "إعلان دمشق" وجميع سجناء الرأي في سورية 

The Undersigned

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04-06-2021 Alritha mohamed mehdi Dr.Criminal low اذا الحملة من اجل سورية والعملاء ااسحبالتوقيع ولا يمكن ان اتعامل واتضامن مع قتلة كنت اتصور التوقيع ضد الحشد الشعبي
24-12-2011 zülfiye kalaner lennestadt arbeiter Syrian people want to be free
21-02-2011 Abdulkhaleq Alarabo Syria No job Iwish freedom for Damascus declairatin prisoner and all political arrested
08-06-2009 Michael Stade Germany Software-developer It is very shamefully that the German government signed a deportation contract with Syria to get rid of refugees, fighting for democracy. No refugee from the former GDR was rejected, but now the German officials throwing overboard the basic values of freedom and humanity, perverting our constitution, despite all the fine words! Solidarity with the Damascus Declaration Detainees and all refugees in Germany, facing deportation instead of political asylum!
24-04-2009 Kit Larsen Hughes Sweden Teacher in Swedish for foreigners
17-04-2009 زوزو USA راقصة و معريه في النوادي الحمراء راقصة و معريه في النوادي الحمراء
راقصة و معريه في النوادي الحمراء
راقصة و معريه في النوادي الحمراء
17-04-2009 زوو USA راقصة و معريه في النوادي الحمراء راقصة و معريه في النوادي الحمراء
راقصة و معريه في النوادي الحمراء
راقصة و معريه في النوادي الحمراء
27-01-2009 Maher Sawaf United Kingdom Syrian regimes behavior gets more aggressive over the time ,this aggression is directed toward Syrians to restrict the general liberties .And this behavior is not spontaneously changeable
.corruption ,detentions,travel prevention ,kidnap ,assassinations , travesty of justice and Humiliation .all these made Syria the worst country in the world ..Congratulations !

27-01-2009 Alia Mansour syria - lebanon
05-12-2008 Talal Alrubaie Spain Psychiatrist and Journalist I totally support the freedom of thought and the establishment of democracy in our beloved Syria
06-11-2008 مراد آغا اسبانيا طبيب متمنين الافراج القريب عن مناضلي اعلان دمشق
17-10-2008 Khaled Rashwane sweden veterinary doctor I´m one of thoese pepole who are looking forward to get thier rights as a humanbeing, to bring the justis and the lightness to every single soul in our beloved land.
the land of the knowledge.
we still have hopp to get out of the long periods of darkness.
we are sure that the sunlight goming to light our land again.

sincerely yours ( my land )
18-09-2008 Cankurd Germany Translator العالم بدون صدام حسين يبدو أجمل وسيكون بلا أسد أسلم
The world witout Saddam Hussein is beutiful, and without Assad will be more peaceful
26-08-2008 Dr.Salah Darwish Syria freedom for Dr.Fidaa
freedom for all members of Damas Decleration
freedom for Syrian people
26-08-2008 ABD WALI Egypt Engineer God save Dr.Fidaa and all democrat people in Syria, especially Damas Decleration leaders
25-08-2008 راجي نصر الله السعودية لا أعلم متى يأتي اليوم الذي نرى فيه بلدي سورية حرة بكل معنى الكلمة
أتمنى أن تصبح بلادنا حرة دون نزيف دم إن شاء الله تعالى
23-08-2008 omar alhabbal syria civil engineer damas decleration is the first write movment since after the independance towerds real democratic state.
The main proplem to buld our state is to have democracy capapel to do new (constitution)which is the essential base to build on it the democratic state.
unfortunatly our constitution is desighned in away which makes IMMPOSSIPEL FOR ANY BODY OR ORGANIZATION TO BULDS COUNTRY ON IT.
07-08-2008 younso syria direcktor السلام عليكم ورحمة الله أرجو لكل المعتقلين و سجناء الرأي الحرية الكاملة غير المنقوصة
18-05-2008 مغترب الخليج الحرية لمعتقلي اعلان دمشق والسقوط للنظام الفاشي والحريةو العدالة لكل شعب سوريا
09-05-2008 khalaf ali alkhalaf syria/saudi arabia poet


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