Say no to the abuse of 19 year old woman in Saudi Arabia

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التاريخ: 23-11-2007

Say no to the abuse of 19 year old woman in Saudi Arabia

The Progressive Centre for Women Equalization Studies and Research (P.C.W.E.S.R), strongly object to the lawsuit against a young woman resulting in a sentence of 200 lashings and 6 months in prison after having been subjected to gang rape. The woman is a victim of a totally destructive human rights violation exercised by the Saudi Arabian society on top of the violation of being raped. In March 2006 the woman was abducted with a friend and exposed to rape by 7 men. In October the men were sentenced to 2-3 years in prisen, while the woman herself was sentenced to 90 lashings, because Saudi Arabian law forbids a woman to meet with a man to whom she is not related. The woman and her solicitor appealed the sentence, whereupon the men were sentenced to 2-9 years in prison. The woman s sentence was increased to 200 lashings and 6 months in prison. The judge disbarred the woman s solicitor, and the solicitor may now be suspended for 3 years.  
We the  undersigned?s  and the Progressive Centre for Women Equalization Studies and Research appeals to women s and human rights organisations worldwide and call on the international community to pressure the Saudi Arabian government to denounce the sentence of the 19-year old woman and respect the woman?s rights. 
P.C.W.E.S.R Progressive Centre for Women Equalization Studies and Researchhttp://www.pcwesr.orgContact : Bayan Salih
To sign the  Arabic related  campaign , please clickأما آن لهذا الظلم ان يترجل؟؟حملة التضامن مع المرأة في - مملكة الصمت ! - السعودية

Undersigned?s and P.C.W.E.S.R

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23-01-2012 Lasse Andersson Sweden/Switzerland a male activist for the women of this world let us all say NO TO VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN!!!
28-09-2011 cinzia italy
06-07-2011 Diana Poland NO to the abuse of 19 year old woman in Saudi Arabia! NO!!!
29-04-2011 Jonathan Mountain UK World Citizen Since the dawn of civilisation and in almost every society you could name, women have fewer rights than men. Its not just happening in the Arab countries the difference being of course that males of -infidel religions do not go about wantonly killing their female counterparts in cold blood simply to satisfy some crazy notion of what constitutes male honour.

Any society that decides to frame its 21st century laws on ancient books written by men disfavours women. Israel is no different to Arab countries in that sense - except for the saving grace of being also a democracy - where the voices of women (as voters) are lawfully addressed by the Israeli parliament.

There are very few honour? killings in Israel by the indigenous Muslims (probably about the same figure as in all democracies) simply because their Muslims have been forced to embrace democracy - unlike those who are literally forced to believe in the laws of a 700-year old book written by a so-called prophet

28-03-2011 ضياء التميمى العراق عامل لاغرابه فى هضم حقوق المراءه فى نظام يعمل بشريعة اللامساواة والاضطهاد لها وباسم الدين
16-06-2010 Parisa Moradi Mazarei Canada This is just another example of the cruel and heartless world we live in. This act is unjust, callous and although it is very difficult to have justice served for this 19 year old child, I believe we as humans must voice our opinions. One person at a time can and will slowly change the world.
14-02-2010 georges al hames syria- nederland lower
07-01-2010 Tony Bogardus US It shouldnt matter why she was sentenced. Men and women should have the same rights in any country that considers itself to be a modern sociality.
01-12-2009 Dr. Ali Abdul Wahab Al-Dabbagh Iraq Director General of a major Omani Company That is the worst suppressing of human dignity. How on earth would a victem be punished for being a victem? That would only reflect a pre-Islamic injustice! Yet what should we expect from those ignorant retarded and terrorist beasts?
01-09-2009 Maciej St. Zieba Poland teacher That shows beyond any doubt that Islam is a religion of love and peace !
26-08-2009 paul UNITED KINGDOM PROFESSIONAL LAWYER Countries law vary in every country.
As concern with unjustice with the women. I went through the case ans she is punished for going out with strangers not for getting rape. She is punished and sentenced for breaking Saudi Law. As concern with the law that if women should go out or not. We cannot comment on it as it is sharia law.
Citizens are bound and should obey the law residing in any country and if not satisified they should avoid travelling or living in those countries.
As being lawyer, there are many people who have concerns with the british, or US laws as well. I personally believe and recommend to stop protesting here and look in our homes first.
25-08-2009 ADIL UNITED KINGDOM STUDENT OF MBA I AM WELL FAMILIAR OF SAUDI LAW. First of all, KINGDOM OF SAUDIA ARABIA resembles a muslim country. It is the country where Islam got started. Coming on spot, Saudi Law clearly says that non married man and woman are not allowed to meet in private (its even in islam that a man or woman should not meet without any geniun reason). Well there is nothing wrong in this law, as it is in their religion. So for people who believe its wrong, they simply should not travel, and people who live there, they should obey the rules of country they live or else they can move. Saudi Arabia is purely a muslim country and major of its nation appreciate this law. Then who we are to comment on it as wrong? In every nation there are opposing and accepting sites. As concern of this matter, majority are in this favour that a non-relation man or woman should not meet each other.

18-08-2009 DR_A. ALRASHED S.A teacher اعتقد انة من الخطا الحكم على احكام مجرد انها لاتتفق مع رغباتنا . القاضى لدية من المعلومات التى لايجوز اشهارها .نحن لانملك معلومات كيف نحكم على من يملك المعلومة انة على خطا . هذا تحامل غير مبرر. اذا كنتم تكرهون الدين الاسلامى والسعودية , فهذا ليس ذنب السعودية او الاسلام , هذا بسبب فهمكم القاصر .
18-08-2009 DR.ABDULRAHMAN S.A teacher حملة التوقيع هذة المقصود منها تشوية الاسلام وسمعة السعودية , وهذا يتعارض مع حقوق الانسان والقانون الدولى .انا كسعودى من حقى تشكيل فريق والاتصال بمكتب المحامى ابراهيم خليل لاقامة دعوى ضد الموقعين على شهادة زور وهذة حدها فى جميع الاديان الجلد 80 جلدة والحبس لمدة شهرين وغرامة مالية يقدرها القاضى على حجم الضرر المعنوى والاساءة لدين سماوى ولسمعة 20 مليون مسلم سعودى
. الكراهية لايتولد عنها الا مزيد من الكراهية والحقد الغير مبرر لايلحق الضرر الا بصاحبة .
السعوديون يكنون للشعب المصرى الاحترام والمودة المسلم منهم والقبطى ...الخ لان الرسول علية الصلاة والسلام اوصى باهل مصر خيرا وقال ان مصر فى رباط الى يوم القيامة . نحن نحب مصر والمصريين لان امنا مارية القبطية من مصر )م
06-08-2009 freedom Poland The religion which strips from the human nature - you become a machine which performs {executes} orders!
There is no love in her!
And this woman is surely one from many which is bereft from the dignity on every their own step.
As well they would be able to to get married with the goat!
The religion for hypocrites!
الدين الذي يجرد من الطبيعة البشرية -- تصبح آلة الذي يؤدي () ينفذ أوامر!
لا يوجد في الحب!
وهذه المرأة هي بالتأكيد واحدة من العديد من التي حرمت من الكرامة خاصة بهم في كل خطوة.
إضافة إلى أنها ستكون قادرة على الزواج مع الماعز!
دين لالمنافقين!
03-05-2009 Gihane ELbeheiry Egypt Student
24-04-2009 Kit Larsen Hughes Sweden Teacher in Swedish for foreigners
10-04-2009 john angel australia لازم تعرضوا قضية هذه الفتاة علي هيئة الأمم


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