A global campaign for the nomination of Dr. Nawal Saadawi for the Nobel Prize

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التاريخ: 16-09-2011

A global campaign for the nomination of Dr. Nawal Saadawi for the Nobel Prize 
To all the women of the Arab States and the Middle East, and to all the women in the Arab and Islamic world:To all those men who are struggling alongside women for their freedom, rights, and equality:To all civil society organizations and women s organizations, human rights, and youth organizations:To all the democratic political parties that target the importance of securing and enabling full rights for women:To the young and young-looking of the Renaissance Women in the Middle East and the Arab States:Warm greetings,You are aware of the importance of the struggles of women in Arab countries, the Middle East, and in Islamic dominated areas in particular. You believe that women deserve their freedom and rights, regardless of nationality, religion, sect, or intellectual and political perspective. You know that this commitment means that a struggle for full rights and obligations in the state also demands work against violence, against oppression and against coercion and slavery.The Centre for Civilized Dialogue promotes the following proposal, in hopes that women s equality and civilized dialogue become an increasing reality in Arab society. We call on all men and women in Arab-populated countries support:The nomination of Nawal Saadawi, PhD. for the 2012 Nobel Prize for Peace. This brave woman is an inspiration to women and men struggling for freedom and peace with justice, especially with regards to the rights of women in Arab and Islamic-faith dominated countries.Nawal el-Saadawi is a doctor, novelist, and activist. She is a democratic literary phenomenon in the Middle East, and known by Arabs all over the world. She is a distinct and prominent campaigner for women s rights, human rights, and against political repression. These themes contribute significantly to her writing. She has greatly aided the dissemination of social and political awareness and enlightenment over a period of more than five decades. Dr. Nawal Saadawi is the most prominent female role model and campaigner for women s rights and equality alive today. We are convinced that a multi-lingual facebook campaign will gather tremendous support for this woman of courage?from Mrs. Saadawi s home country of Egypt as well as internationally. We expect the support and response from all conscientious women and men of the region, and a wide variety of civil society organizations. We hope that this appeal finds you well, and that you will assist us in making it echo throughout the world. 
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Center For Women s Equality

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25-12-2015 jamal al absy Australia alabsy1957@gmail.com
14-11-2014 منذر خليلي فلسطين متقاعد
01-09-2014 Claudia Geisser Switzerland adult education
29-08-2013 Haifa Asadi Sweden Human rights acivist
16-03-2013 HUSAYN AL HUSAYNI United States Medical Doctor She was one of the earliest people who advocated equality on scientific bases. She has multiple scientific works the most notable one is -Women and Sexuality- which discusses the biological and social aspects of the issue. It was a real classic.
23-01-2012 Lasse Andersson Sweden/Switzerland a male activist for the women of this world her biography says everything!

11-01-2012 dr. khawla aj. zaidan IRQ civil activist/women/Human rights/Expressionfreedom right&politicals rights
30-12-2011 saeed nashoor uk consultant paediatrician a well known figure in the Arab worlds who tirelessly campaigned for the human rights and the rights of women.
21-10-2011 Per Gahrton Sweden Director Green think tank Cogito As a friend and supporter and reader of Nawal al-Sadawi since some forty years I know that she is outstanding, both as a novelist and a progressive, feminist campaigner, so I hestitate of she should have the Nobel Peace Prize or the Literature price, but the definitely deserves one of them.
14-10-2011 Saad Rahali Canada Financial Analyst She is the only writer in history that actually put the foundations for peaceful life for everybody. As a doctor of psychology and sociologist she analyzes the roots of the evil in every nation and individual that are religion misinterpretation, the class society, the exclusion of minorities, the global imperialism, the paternalistic pattern of societies, hypocrisy...
To those who insult her and describe her as atheist, know that she transcends the prophets themselves as she didnt kill anybody, she didnt run for power...And the list is long of what made of her an unprecedented figure in the history.
She has spent her life honoring the true values of the symbol of God that are love, respect, truth, justice, intelligence, creativity...
She is inviting humanity to dissidence and continuous questionning about God and humans. Her project of sustainable peace will win against historical words that justify lasting war and hate...
She deserves to be honored with Nobel Prize.

01-10-2011 abdelwahab krshan jordan retired i suport Dr nawal for nobal prize
01-10-2011 mohd maani jordan sivil servises looking to see Dr nawal with nobel prize
18-09-2011 Sara Mouhamed Egypt Student


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