Advocacy campaign to support freedom of expression in Iraq

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التاريخ: 08-07-2011

Advocacy campaign to support freedom of expression in Iraq
Support the legal request before the Iraqi Federal Court, for cancelling the so-called ?publishing crimes articles? of the Iraqi Penal Code. The Society for Defending Press Freedom, an Iraqi Non-governmental Organisation, and the Iraqi Civil Society solidarity Initiative (ICSSI), a coalition of about 100 Iraqi and international organisations, call Mr. Midhat Almahmud (chairman of the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court) to accept the legal claim presented by the Society for Defending Press Freedom, for cancelling the so-called "publishing crimes articles": art. 81,82,83,84 of the Iraqi Penal Code (law n. 111, year 1969). He should bind the Iraqi Council of Representatives to take immediate action to stop activating these articles and cancel all cases based on them. Such articles indeed represent a clear violation of the current Iraqi Constitution (especially const. art. 13 and 38) and of the legal international obligations of Iraq, namely art. 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) which Iraq signed, since they deny the principle of freedom of expression and imply a risk for all Iraqis working in the media and the publishing sector. According to the "publishing crimes articles" journalists can be punished with very severe measures for undefined crimes related to publishing false or unprovable information: besides being forced to pay disproportionate fines, their newspapers can be closed temporarily and their license can be withdrawn.This is a call to all international organizations and activists to support this campaign. Take action by:- sending the endorsement of your organization to, in an Email with Object: campaign against "publishing crimes articles"
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The Society for Defending Press Freedom

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