The International Campaign to Deter the Iraqi Government from Detaining, Torturing and Shooting the Demonstrators in the Iraqi Cities

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التاريخ: 17-05-2011

The International Campaign to Deter the Iraqi Government from Detaining, Torturing and Shooting the Demonstrators in the Iraqi Cities
The Worker- Communist Party of Iraq declares an international world-wide campaign to implement the highest degree of pressure on the Iraqi Government to desist from violence and terrorism against the demonstrators, who have protested side by side with the masses of the region since mid February 2011 demanding better living conditions and political freedom. As it is clear the government has not tolerated the peaceful protests and demonstrations. Since the first day of the demonstrations, they have used various methods of intimidation and terrifying against the masses to avert them expressing their will and demands.We address all those who support the legitimate demands of Iraqi people to support this campaign by putting pressure on the Iraqi Government to respect the will of the masses either by responding to their demands or step down from power.We call upon all left-wing and communist parties, worker and trade unions and human rights organisation to sign up this petition and send their protest letters to authoritarian government of Maliki. At the same time we ask you to send a copy of your letters to us via this E-mail: wcpiraq.1993@gmail.comYour protest letters can be sent to Maliki and Talabani via the following e-mail addresses:Maliki?s office e-mail: info@pmo.iqTalbani?s office e-mail: questions@iraqipresidency.netIf you want to sign the petition please send an e-mail to:
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The Worker- Communist Party of Iraq

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27-05-2013 حسين علوان حسين Iraqi writer and lecturer
07-03-2013 ali inad norway worker
06-06-2012 ASAI Kenji Japan Editor Fully supporting the efforts exercized by our comrades and friends in and out of Iraq to bring about a fundamental change in the Iraqi human rights situations.
18-09-2011 sirwanlatif finland nurse
12-08-2011 Cinzia Filoni Italia teacher
06-07-2011 Ben USA Engineer Down with the puppet government. Real power to the people in Iraq!
15-06-2011 Renaud Romagnan France IT
25-05-2011 Hewr Canada Long Live Socialism!
22-05-2011 Atheer Al-Ani Germany
21-05-2011 ayad canada
20-05-2011 Intisar Saleh US Production worker
19-05-2011 william colwell usa unemployed
19-05-2011 Paul Lenart USA Respiratory Therapist Freedom for workers to assemble and organize worldwide!
19-05-2011 Nicolas Dessaux Europe Archéologist
19-05-2011 Parwin Fattah Canada Member of Worker Communist Party of Iraq
19-05-2011 kurdocide watch kurdistan Organization
19-05-2011 Adil Faizulla Suomi
19-05-2011 Asad Golchini England
19-05-2011 Natalia Wolf Canada No detainments, torturing or shooting of demonstrators anywhere!


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