Campaign demanding the Iraqi government to review its attitude towards women

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التاريخ: 11-01-2011

Campaign demanding the Iraqi government to review its attitude towards women  
The Iraqi government didn?t bring anything new, neither at the level of intensity of disputes between its prominent political leaders nor in terms of lack of representation of women in receipt of any ministerial portfolio. The Government of the last minute did not actually represent the aspirations of our people with a fair representation of women as they are excluded. Being excluded from an earlier awareness and determination of the representation of women, leaving their involvement in-decision-making the opportunity and the redundancy of the ministries that are not desired by any of the men in various shades and trends. The less to be said about the cabinet line-male which came to meet the ambitious men that women have no place among us, they exceeded the flagrant Iraqi women whom suffered from various forms of political repression, social and economic. At the Centre for Women s Equality we look with condemnation on how Al- Maliki s government discriminate and reinforce the inequality between men and women of Iraq and exclude women from powerful executive positions in the country. We call upon all wise, progressive and secularists of our people to claim the government and by all the Ministers to re-examine in a variety of women commissioned by the government ministerial portfolios to be major just like the men and the interests of justice and equality, based on the International Women s Rights conventions ratified by the Iraqi government. We call on all progressive forces of women s organizations and civil society bodies and the forces, organizations and leftist parties, local, regional and international participation in our campaign against Al Maliki?s government?s policy towards women and involving them in the government.
Center for Women s Equality

Center for Womens Equality

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25-03-2012 Nathan United States
18-11-2011 abbas mohammed Iraq موظف/وزارة الثقافة
16-08-2011 Mike Ellison USA Educator
12-08-2011 Cinzia Filoni Italia teacher
07-08-2011 houda albee usa teacher and head of the women department of aljalia (HerStory making History project) supporting the petition and we ll be adding it to our website for more support
27-02-2011 Gülay Yasar Denmark Pædagog
27-02-2011 Antje Grabenhorst Germany PR-Manager
23-02-2011 Muayyad Mehyar Denmark Programme Manager of the Arab-European Human Rights Dialogue
23-01-2011 Anaam Radhi Muslem Denmark teacher, activist in human rights
18-01-2011 elsine denmark student
12-01-2011 amna al-amin denmark
12-01-2011 ZakiaAlmuomen Iraq Women Rights Activist


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