Supporting the Lawsuit by Representatives of Civil Society Organizations in Iraq at the Federal Supreme Court

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التاريخ: 15-08-2010

Press Release Supporting the Lawsuit by Representatives of Civil Society Organizations in Iraq at the Federal Supreme Court
By virtue of Article 93 / III of the Constitution, a group of representatives of Iraqi civil society organizations (Iraqi Al-Amal Association, Iraqi Society for Health Administration and Promotion, Dar El-Salam Iraqi Center, and Women for Peace Organization) filed a lawsuit to the Federal Supreme Court on Mr. Mohamed Fouad Maasum (Temporary Speaker of the Iraqi House of Representatives, according to Age rule) in addition to his post, for repeatedly and deliberately breaching with the Constitution, beginning with the adjournment of the parliament opening session, resulting in non-election of the three sovereign presidencies, and undermine the political process which should be based on the principle of peaceful transfer of authority as stipulated in Article (6) of the Constitution in force . According to the essence of the claim (As of 01/06/2010 your court approved and distinguished the results of legislative elections, the first meeting was held under the chairmanship of the defendant, as the oldest member on the basis of the provisions of Article (54) of the Constitution, but that the defendant, in addition to his post, considered the session an open meeting, without any Constitutional text reference, which have hampered the election of the Speaker and his two deputies, as required by Article (55) of the Constitution, led to obstruct the political process not to elect the President of the Republic according to Article (72 / b), overtaking on the article (76) commissioned a specific candidate to form Council of Ministers, and of violating the provisions of the Constitution when he allowed some members of the House of Representatives and not others, sworn, and excluded the members of the executive from the winners of the election, all this plunged the country into a crisis of which consequences are unknown, of which the primary victim of this, will be the Iraqi people in general). Prosecutors, directed in the case to the Federal Court for the Requirement for the defendant as temporary chairman of the House of Representatives to end the Open Session as it?s violating the Constitution, the election of the Speaker of the Council and his deputies in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, otherwise call the Federal Court to the decision to dissolve the House of Representatives and re-elections, especially since the country is experiencing a serious deterioration in the security situation that caused thousands of dead and wounded civilian victims in Baghdad, Diyala, Kut, Basra, Fallujah, Ramadi and other cities in Iraq, and contemptible deterioration in all parts of the country in the provision of basic services including electricity, water, fuel and health care, and delays in the disbursement of benefits covered by the network of social protection, especially widows and women heads of households, for a period exceeding six months, unemployment and poverty among segments of society, the proliferation of administrative and financial corruption in government agencies, and serious shortcomings in the performance of public institutions of its functions, all under conditions of intense heat that has never been witnessed in Iraq since many years. The case has been raised as a constitutional right, taking into consideration the national interest of our people, and based on field experience and sense of these organizations, and in agreement with many civil society organizations and local public leaders, a shortfall of political blocs winning election to reach a mutual accommodation of the current political crisis, despite the fact that more than five months passed since the general elections was concluded, and disregard of the suffering of the people under the worsening security situation, service and economic development in the country, and shaking the confidence of the citizens with democratic practices in governance. The Iraqi Constitution in Article (5) stipulates that the sovereignty of the law and people are the source of authority and legitimacy, with the right decision in electing their representatives to achieve their hopes in security, stability, peace and guarantee the freedoms and decent living in a democratic Iraq. Baghdad on August 15, 2010 

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12-11-2010 Adelia Maria Batista Brazil Medical Doctor Civil Society Organizations are the people voice power and they must work together in re-build their country. I support NGO in Brazil for long time and it comes from them the real solutions!
08-09-2010 Dr. Sabah Almarii U.K Doctor of Medicine
06-09-2010 nemir adjina italy teacher
22-08-2010 ali iraq architect
20-08-2010 علي شوكت بريطانيا اكاديمي
18-08-2010 Karim Metref Italy Educator
18-08-2010 Martina Pignatti Morano Italy NGO campaigner, Un ponte per... A very needed campaign, that needs international support and mobilization. We are with you!
17-08-2010 Dr Kadem Al-Lamee UK Managing Director I fully support this campaign.
17-08-2010 Dr. Najdat Nazhat U.K. Retired, scientist
17-08-2010 Mouna Al-Baali UK Admin
17-08-2010 Maha Atia UK Adviser
16-08-2010 zaid al hayali Malaysia Graduate Student


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