It Is Our Right to Travel with Dignity

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التاريخ: 07-09-2009

It Is Our Right to Travel with DignityThe International Campaign for Freedom of Movement for Palestinians (KARAMA) 
The International Campaign for Freedom of Movement for Palestinians (KARAMA) is an independent public and national campaign that aims to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people and help them travel within and outside of Palestine in freedom and dignity. The Campaign is fully aware that the ultimate solution to the freedom of movement and travelling for Palestinians is the end of the Israeli occupation, and the full sovereignty for the Palestinian people over their borders, land, water, and air. And this does not contradict at all with our work to reduce the suffering of our people and defend its dignity.Phase 1: Travel to JordanSince this campaign commenced with the case of travelling between the West Bank and Jordan, we the undersigned request the following:Assist Palestinians to travel to and from Jordan with freedom and dignity, without heavy financial burdens, and exhaustive routine procedures. This needs an immediate end to their suffering and improvement to existing travelling conditions, so that Palestinians in the West Bank will be able:1. To travel to and from Jordan in new public buses directly from Palestinian city centers, without the need for passengers and their luggage to keep moving from one bus to the other and wait for extended periods of time.2. To travel directly in private cars to and from Jordan, with minimal procedures and fees.3. To travel freely 24 hours seven days a week, regardless of the volume of passengers. 
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The International Campaign for Freedom of Movement for Palestinians

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16-04-2012 Dagmar Harmsen Germany Self-employed It is a human right!!!
01-04-2012 Dr. Khadiga Safwat UK Lecturer an activist
16-03-2012 Marion Napoli Italy Not a concession but a MUST!
09-01-2011 Mohammad AbuShaban Palestine Engineer It is our right..
08-12-2010 michael handala hall usa activist,author,DSP,student If the Palestinians want their freedom then they must break the bonds that shackle them. They must nonviolently cease any & all cooperation with the israeli government & all aspects of the occupation repression,oppression & segregation. The people need to unify. Then the Palestinian people need to ignore disobey & eschew every aspect of the occupation. Pay no more taxes. Quit working for the Israelis in any form or shape. Total absolute nonviolent noncooperation. The people must one and all including the old young women & men need to march on the checkpoints & walk around them. They must leave their farms villages towns en masse & march on the settlements as if they are unoccupied & if they have swimming pools jump in them. Walk over around through & over every barrier that keeps the Palestinian people from being free. Fill the prisons and jails until they are swollen to bursting & they will.
08-12-2010 michael gandhi usa activist,author,DSP,student Those who are unfree are accoutable for their lack of freedom. It is a struggle between them & their oppressors to break the chain. It becomes a habit for the victim to live as a victim & it is much too easy for the oppressor to love power & to live Status Quo. Freedom isnt found by the good heart of the oppressor finally seeing the light. It is not found by the passion of interlopers like me & other white savoirs. No it is fought for by the opppressed and only given up when their cause is too strong too costly for the oppressor to keep going. Tactics are simple,straight forward & insure complete success. Complete nonviolent,noncooperation with your jailers. Walk out of your homes walk east north south & west & let them do as they will. A rock cannot hold back the tide, a shadow cannot stand to the light. Their cause of oppression is wrong, the cause of freedom always right & the apex of the struggel is one & all ignoring,eschewing, the false chains of slavery.
06-06-2010 Dawoud Sulaiman Kuwait Retired
30-01-2010 Lilia Patterson UK Researcher I support the campaign to petition for freedom of movement for Palestinians to live and to move freely on their own ancestral land and to travel freely to visit their brothers and cousins in the neighbouring countries that have always been their home-land since the beginning of time.

29-12-2009 Mary Rizzo Italy Art Restorer / Translator / Editor-Writer
04-12-2009 dussolliet-gond hélène France retraitée
08-11-2009 Peter Mason UK
27-10-2009 Gunvor Mejdell Norway Professor
22-10-2009 Areej Jafari Occupied Palestine Fundraising Officer
20-10-2009 Sandra Vojtechovská Slovakia student
06-10-2009 sue eddi australia they should live in piece and have the right to be free in evry aspect including travel

04-10-2009 Gabi Baramki Palestine consultant
04-10-2009 Hadeel Amous Amarcin Palestinan - USA Buissens woman I agree to inernational campaign for freedom of movement of Palestinians, we have the right to travel with dignity like every one als.
It Is Our Right to Travel with Dignity as human.

02-10-2009 Michael Shamat USA Retiree The struggle must go on. No matter how week our voices are at this point, there will be the time when the wind will blast off those who will stand in the way of the storm.
02-10-2009 Mohammad Askari India Self employed
28-09-2009 salam yousef palestine,currently in the usa RDH let palestinians live!!!


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