The International Campaign Against the Civil Law of Kurdistan - Iraq

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التاريخ: 24-12-2008

The International Campaign
Against the Civil Law of Kurdistan - Iraq
After two months of discussions and disputes, The Parliament of Kurdistan in Iraq has passed the Civil Law of Kurdistan, despite the protests and objections, by many activists and secularists. The recently-passed Civil Law establishes, unequivocally, slavery and inferiority of women by stressing gender discrimination against them in various aspects. The new law encourages man to marry more than one woman while imposing a male ?guardian? on women, promoting practices of trading women for money at marriage, and maintaining inferiority for women in cases of inheritance, in addition to other discriminatory rules derived from the Islamic misogynist Shari?a Law. The embracing of this reactionary law by the ruling nationalist-Islamist forces dominating the parliament is a stark violation of women?s rights. For the past 17 years, the track-record of those forces clearly shows thousands of violations against women, promotion of religious and tribal practices and values, and heinous crimes of "honor killings" perpetrated against thousands of women in Kurdistan. We believe that the humanitarian forces can fight this discriminatory law and depose it.
We, the undersigned, announce the launch of our international campaign against Civil Law in Kurdistan - Iraq which aims at:
1. The immediate abolition of the Civil Law, passed by the parliament of Kurdistan.
2. The firm opposition and struggle against all forms of slavery and sexual discrimination against women.
3. The prohibition of any form of interference of Islamic Shari?a or any religious law in the family or public life, and the complete separation of religion from state.
4. Presenting an alternative of secular Civil Law which is based on the principals of full equality between women and men and the most contemporary standards which shall prohibit:
a.       Polygamy unconditionally,
b.       Trading or dowry for the bride or any such practices in marriage
c.       Any form of pressure and coercion whether by an individual or party on the woman in her right to choose a partner or spouse, and decision about their mutual life
d.       Any restrictions on women?s equal right to proceed with separation or divorce.
We call upon all equality and freedom lovers, all egalitarians and secularists, all groups or individuals who believe in gender equality, whether in Kurdistan, in Iraq, or around the world, to endorse this campaign by adding their names and signatures and promote it widely.
Sargul Ahmad, Women Activist and head of Campaign,
Khayal Ibrahim, Women Activist, Coordinator of Organization of Women Liberation of Iraq WLI, and Secular TV Arabic anchor, and a campaign organizer,
Maryam Jamil, member of Women Liberation of Iraq leadership committee, WLI,
Mina Ahadi, head of Ex-Muslim organization in Germany, head of International Campaign against Execution, Maryam Namazie, head of Ex-Muslim of Britain and a well-known secular activist,
Samir Noory, head of Secular TV,
Karwan Najmeldin, Secular activist in Kurdistan ? Iraq,
Reben Farouk, Secular activist in Kurdistan Iraq,
Issam Shukri, head of Defense of Secularism and Civil Rights in Iraq DSCRI,
Gelil Shahbaz, member of Defense of Secularism and Civil Rights of Iraq DSCRI,
Nur Gabbary, activist in Ex-Muslim of Germany,
Sattar Chemento, activist in Ex-Muslim of Germany,
Patty Debonitas, Third Camp TV Anchor, Britian
Suhaila Sharifi, Woman Activist from ?Equal Rights Now?,
Tarek Fatah, Secular Activist and Author, Canada
Sima Bahari, head of radio Shararaha, in Persian, Sweden
Sara Mohammed ? head of ?We will not Forget Bela and Fatima Ever? - Sweden
Hakeem Hasan Finjan, head of ?Healthcare Service Worker?s Council of Nasiriyah Hospitals?, Iraq
For further information, please contact by telephone: 0016472153210
Or by email:Sargul Ahmad
Khayal Ibrahim 
To sign the Arabic related campaign , please click
الحملة العالمية لالغاء قانون الاحوال الشخصية في كردستان العراق 


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09-11-2013 Bnar Ismail UK Researcher
25-02-2012 rokosh uk student Stop polygamy, this is ridicules under name of Islam and religion,
09-03-2011 حميد كركوكي USA retired Stop mixing religions in our day by day live ,
26-10-2010 Tariq Alalwan Iraq Student Yes for equality!
27-06-2010 Mason Hinsdale USA Student If Kurdistan is to become a recognized nation is necessary for Kurdistan to recognize the equal rights of all individuals.
21-03-2010 Jennifer A. Rosenau USA College Student/Mother
31-12-2009 Saif Ataya U.S.A Professor
01-12-2009 Dr. Ali Abdul Wahab Al-Dabbagh Iraq Director General of a major Omani Company We will always be retarded if we keep undermining the womens role in life, and the full and unconditional equality with men. Men are always afraid of the supreme superiority of women over men. Demanding equality would be a prise for men, yet they are persistant to learn the hard way !
18-09-2009 John A. Butler Canada Professor of Humanities
06-06-2009 Verginia Ignat Romania Commercial manager
07-05-2009 Vianne Hinsdale Khanakah USA Student
25-03-2009 Caroline Dumonteil France Researcher This campaign is very important for providing clear targets for
campaigns to raise womens status throughout the world.
It deserves international support.

24-03-2009 pooneh ravi britain wpi
24-03-2009 behrooz bahari britain wpi
24-03-2009 adrian tippetts britain wpi
24-03-2009 bahram socovsh britain wpi ex mulim
24-03-2009 parsa karimi britain wpi ex mulim
24-03-2009 sara melliy britain
24-03-2009 john beech britain nss
24-03-2009 h.mulwli britain cemb


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