Campaign gathering signatures for the abolition Draft racial statistics in the province of Hasakah in 1962

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التاريخ: 04-09-2008

Campaign gathering signatures for the abolition Draft racial statistics in the province of Hasakah in 1962
On the fifth of October next move might be (46) years to implement a project of racial statistics sons of the Kurdish people s right to exclusively Hasakah province, where the Syrian government has implemented the time, an exceptional census of the population of this province under Law No. / 93 / for in 1962, with a view on citizenship Large numbers of citizens together, under the arguments and excuses and pretexts and racially motivated purely note that the Kurds in Syria, are indigenous and living on their ancestral homeland for hundreds of years, even before the establishment of the modern Syrian state. The number of victims of this project today about racial (300,000) among those who registered in the records of the Civil Status Republic, named (Hasakah foreigners), who were not registered in the records of civil status, nor in the other records and named a (suppressed). Under this procedure arbitrary racial, these victims suffer from various kinds of arbitrariness, discrimination, persecution and alienation ... and denial of all civil and political rights attaching to the right of citizenship, such as: the right of ownership, employment and recruitment, travel and registration of marriages and births right to participate in political life ... Etc.. Despite the protests and ongoing audits by these victims, and political and civil and human rights of Kurdish and Arab Chambers and stakeholders and promises continuous and repeated launched by the Syrian authorities to officials of the tongue, the latest promises that was voiced by the President, but these unjust suffering continues and cast a shadow heavy and cruel Even at this moment the Syrian community in general and the Kurdish community in particular, to reflect this way or that the policy of chauvinistic systematized right Kurdish people and trying to write on the quality and historic heritage, and the absence of any gesture of fairness and as part of the fabric Syrian national, persecuted and suffering in trying to apply projects Racism and extraordinary measures against him in all spheres of life. The demilitarization of these victims of Syrian nationality and the survival of their case so far without solutions, is a violation of the Regulation on Human Rights and the principles of the United Nations and the Syrian constitution and the laws in force in the country, in line with international trends based on the need to strengthen democratic principles and respect for human rights and hurts national unity, especially in Under the current circumstances in the country at the moment. We in the Kurdish organization for the defence of human rights and public freedoms in Syria (DAD), we offer you (human rights organizations and social actors, cultural and political parties and independent figures ...) tragedy of these citizens Kurds deprived of Syrian nationality, which is part of the national cause public concern that The homeland and its future, hoping you our solidarity with this, siding with the victims and to work towards the abolition of racial this project and its consequences disastrous, and compensation for the suffering and deprivation throughout these long years, through if you put the signatures on this campaign, humanitarian and national levels. With abundant greetings and appreciation to you Kurdish organization for the defence of human rightsand public freedoms in Syria (DAD) 

To sign the Arabic related campaign , please clickحملة جمع تواقيع من أجل إلغاء مشروع الإحصاء العنصري في محافظة الحسكة لعام 1962 

Kurdish organization for the defence of human rightsand public freedoms in Syria (DAD)

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