Campaign of Solidarity with the widow women in Iraq

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التاريخ: 23-04-2008

Campaign of Solidarity with the widow women in Iraq
We, the undersigned, call the Iraqi government to look to the Iraqi widows and their suffering from hard living, and the difficult circumstances that they are suffering from because of the loss of breadwinner and their responsibility to make living to their families and managing it. And we see that the financial support from the social caring network is not enough for fill their Actual needs, so we stress the importance of listening to their voices and increase their salary, improve their Living conditions and  Stand at their side to solve their problems they are suffering from. We also call all eminent personalities and decision makers to solidarity with them, Support our call for the Government by increase their salary that the social caring network Give them and work for improve their living conditions.
Iraqi Democratic Future Network: 1. Tammuz Organization For Social Development2. Iraqi Women s League3. Iraqi Raising Women 4. Iraqi Democratic Youth Federation5. Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions6. Iraqi Assembly for Supporting the Families of Martyrs and the Disappeared.7. Sabia Mindanian Society8. General Union of Students in Iraq9. Assur Banibal.10. Iraqi Kurdistan NGO Network.11. Iraqi Organization for Athletic Development12. National Association for the Defense of Human Rights in Iraq13. Nenurta Group for the Art14. People s Rights organization for the Defense of Culture and Media
To sign the Arabic related campaign , please clickحملة للتضامن مع الأرامل في العراق

Iraqi Democratic Future Network

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28-05-2010 arvan reese usa webmaster I am in solidarity with the widows and all family members left in the wake of murder.
11-02-2010 Mary Rizzo Italy Art Restorer / Translator / Editor-Writer All decent societies have a duty to protect, defend and sustain those whose life situation has rendered their own self-sustainance impossible. Iraq has an obligation to protect the widows and to safeguard their families.
11-02-2010 Sylvia Posadas Australia IT Prosecute the war criminals who launched the illegal aggression against the people of Iraq.
01-12-2009 Dr. Ali Abdul Wahab Al-Dabbagh Iraq Director General of a major Omani Company Widdows are mostly -MOTHERS- which makes them a top priority to protect a considerable part of the future generation. They are a national responsibility and a true patriotic duty, if we were patriots! Further more, women are humen beings and not just a beauty -statue-, they deserve our full respect, if..........We respect ourselves!
22-07-2009 Alba spain Student
10-07-2009 Susana Haering spain student
08-07-2009 Victor Salloum Sanchez España
06-07-2009 Sofia Spain student
06-07-2009 Yasmina Ahmed Mohamed Spain estudiante Estoy interesada en el tema y me manifiesto a favor de la luchar a favor de los derechos de las mujeres en todo el mundo, para asi fomenta la libertad de la mujer en la sociedade y acabar con la sociedad que obra en contra de que la mujer obtenga sus derechos en la vida social y personal. con estas lineas marco mi voto a favor de la lucha dirigida por la asociacion.
06-07-2009 Dunia Jasim Spain Student
05-07-2009 Sulima Spain
04-07-2009 Cecilia Herrando Spain Student
03-07-2009 Nadia Hindi spain student
03-07-2009 Adelina Albu Spain student
03-07-2009 Marcos Gonzalez Spain Student
03-07-2009 Mika Paraskeva Greece Student
01-07-2009 dr.khawla abd aljabbar zaidan IRQ BDS[dentist]&BA[translator] &civil volenteer active woman&POET Freeword Friend,s Association....dr.khawla
30-03-2009 Widad Zaki Cardiff teacher I do appreciate this campaign and pleasure to sign for the support of all Iraqi widows who lost their normal family life as well as sacrifising their new life to raize up their children alone. They do need all the support and help to enable them to cope.
11-03-2009 Widad A. Mohammed- Aldin The Netherlands Civil Engineer Serious actions should be taken from our goverment in Iraq to bring an end to the suffering of our women in general and the countless widows in Iraq. This might be in the form of creating jobs to them, making them participating in social some activities, inlighting them about their rights, dragging them in some educational programs and the most important thing is -to cover thier financial needs-. OTHERWISE, we will have no good future for our culture in Iraq because the women is half of the population and this half reise the the other half.


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